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How Will Covid-19 Impact The Marbella-Estepona Real Estate Market?

From Inmo Andalucía, we want to contribute our bit to guide and accompany you on this journey ahead. This is why this last week we organized a webinar panel discussion on the impact of Covid-19 on the real estate sector in Marbella and Estepona...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 15-05-2020

Benefits of continuous training towards the digital age

Putting the focus on people is one of the basic pillars that organizations that wish to embrace change and achieve success in the digital age must rely on, and the key to offering our customers not only a good service but an excellent service...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 27-02-2020

Christmas events in Estepona

Each year sees a full agenda of events being organised during the festive season. Diverse in nature, and aimed at adults, kids or both, they add to the festive cheer of Christmas and bring together the community within the town and its surroundings, as well as drawing in visitors from outside. Here is a summary […]

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 11-12-2019

The perfect combination of country living close to the Costa del Sol

We think of the Costa del Sol and picture beaches, golf courses, resort hotels and fishing towns. Indeed, the very name means ‘Coast of Sunshine’, so it’s natural to fix our gaze out to sea, and forget what lies behind us. However, for many the true enchantment of this part of Europe is not in […]

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 31-10-2019

Urban planning and Marbella’s PGOU

Just as the city evolves into a new phase in its existence and becomes a highly automated, interactive ‘smart’ organism, so conventional urban planning still remains a problem in large parts of the world, including Spain. The fact that Marbella’s urban planning directive rejected by the Supreme Court in 2015 will have taken a decade to redesign by the time.....

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 01-10-2019