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The perfect combination of country living close to the Costa del Sol

We think of the Costa del Sol and picture beaches, golf courses, resort hotels and fishing towns. Indeed, the very name means ‘Coast of Sunshine’, so it’s natural to fix our gaze out to sea, and forget what lies behind us. However, for many the true enchantment of this part of Europe is not in […]

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 31-10-2019

Urban planning and Marbella’s PGOU

Just as the city evolves into a new phase in its existence and becomes a highly automated, interactive ‘smart’ organism, so conventional urban planning still remains a problem in large parts of the world, including Spain. The fact that Marbella’s urban planning directive rejected by the Supreme Court in 2015 will have taken a decade to redesign by the time.....

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 01-10-2019

Changes to Spanish mortgage laws impact on the property market in Estepona

The recent changes to the laws governing mortgages in Spain have had a big impact on the country’s property market – causing delays, a drop in lending and also confusion within the banking, legal and real estate sectors ...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 01-08-2019


The Costa del Sol property market, which in 2015 began a period of marked recovery from the earlier nancial crisis and then peaked in 2017-18, saw a drop-off in the demand that had reached very high levels between 2017 and the rst half of 2018...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 16-05-2019

The up-and-coming gastronomy scene of Estepona

There was a time when, compared to Marbella, Estepona’s culinary offering was hearty, charming, traditional and authentic, but rather more humble than that of its illustrious neighbour. But things are changing. You can still find wonderfully authentic Andalusian eateries in the historic centre and also surrounding areas...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 24-04-2019