A new hospital for Estepona

The long-awaited new hospital for Estepona has been given the green light! At the end of 2016 members of the Junta de Andalucía met with Estepona’s mayor, José María García Urbano, and signed the commissioning contract for the €17 million state-of-the-art medical centre, which allows the contract to go out to tender.

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It is great news for the residents of Estepona, who have been campaigning for over ten years to have a hospital on site to service local needs. An attempt to resolve the problem had been put forward by council officials in 2008, but the idea was then shelved in 2011. Finally, it is now becoming a reality.

The new hospital will serve Estepona’s resident population of around 70,000 year round, but it will also be available to provide care for visitors during the peak tourist seasons, which is good news as Estepona is an increasingly popular destination in its own right. The mayor has said that he is confident the tender process will be concluded promptly and he has promised, “To work with maximum speed,” so that the hospital can open as quickly as possible.

It is estimated that the hospital’s doors will open in 2019 and it has already established its health targets. For example, it aims to provide 85,000 consultations per annum plus treat 91,000 emergencies and perform 4,000 surgical operations.

Mayor García is justifiably proud and sees the new healthcare service as “A success for Estepona.” He added to his comments: “It will become one of the most important health infrastructures seen in recent decades, and will be offering a top class and professional health service.” Once the hospital is opened, the Andalucía Health Service (SAS) will oversee its budgets and provision of services.

Situated in Estepona’s Santa Marta district, the consultation area will have 18 specialist consulting rooms with another 12 rooms for clinical research and investigation. There will be 38 wardrooms and three operating theatres plus accommodation for five patients in recovery. The all-important Accident and Emergency department will have the capacity to treat seven adults and two infants at a time, plus there will be an additional observation hall with eleven chairs and a room for administering treatments, including plaster casts.

The new hospital is yet another great addition to Estepona’s infrastructure and will surely add to its popularity as a residential choice.