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Housing market outlook for 2022 in Marbella- Estepona

Recent times have been turbulent enough – lockdowns in 2020 and a booming luxury property market on the Costa del Sol in 2021. Here’s a look at what the near future has in stall for us. In a little more than a decade we have had the impact of a financial crisis and the Covid-pandemic, […]

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 22-04-2022

Reflections on the 2020- 2021 Real Estate Market

In March of last year, we were preparing our annual real estate report when we were surprised, like everyone else, by the pandemic. We paralyzed everything, we’ve been confined, and had to throw all our forecasts and annual business plan to the trash. Then May came along, and although we thought it would be a […]

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 17-02-2021

The first Real Estate Association of Estepona- Marbella is born

The leading Real Estate Agencies of Estepona- Marbella join together to create the first organization that aims to establish quality standards within the industry and protect the interests of both agents and owners in their dealings with the authorities.

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 04-09-2020

How Will Covid-19 Impact The Marbella-Estepona Real Estate Market?

From Inmo Andalucía, we want to contribute our bit to guide and accompany you on this journey ahead. This is why this last week we organized a webinar panel discussion on the impact of Covid-19 on the real estate sector in Marbella and Estepona...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 15-05-2020

Benefits of continuous training towards the digital age

Putting the focus on people is one of the basic pillars that organizations that wish to embrace change and achieve success in the digital age must rely on, and the key to offering our customers not only a good service but an excellent service...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 27-02-2020