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La Hoya is an exlusive residential country estate of private luxury villas and country houses situated on gently undulating mountainside just outside the village of Gaucín, some 45 minutes drive inland from Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Home to just a privileged few, the estate is one of the most desirable places to live in the whole of southern Spain, especially for those discerning buyers seeking a genuine slice of rural Andalucian living combined with contemporary luxury.

Just a short drive from the lovely village of Gaucin and serviced by a well-maintained dirt access road, the estate is a veritable natural paradise with some of the most stunning flora and fauna the Andalucian region has to offer.

Some say, in terms of the sheer beauty of its natural surroundings, it’s the undisputed number one place to live of anywhere in Andalucia, and who am I to argue?

One thing’s for sure, the estate is certainly very pleasant on the eye.

As you drive deeper into La Hoya from the main gate, you pass some truly exquisite and very typical Andalucian country villas languishing in their own sweeping swathes of Andalucian landscape.

Without exception, they enjoy unbroken views south across the fields and beyond to the twin peaks of the Rock of Gibraltar and the Jebel Musa on the North African coast, both of which stand guard over the Straits of Gibraltar.

These properties offer a great deal of privacy as they tend to be separated from their nearest neighbours by at least half a kilometre and although many of them were only constructed relatively recently by their owners, you’d never know it to look at them, as architecturally they reflect the classic ‘finca’ and ‘cortijo’ designs of the area.

Step inside any one of them though, and you’ll find yourself inside a modern property packed to bursting with high end mod cons.

There really is nothing like La Hoya, no other residential estate in southern Spain that quite offers the same blend of luxury with country living.

Consequently, the asking prices for the property for sale in the estate tend to reflect its uniqueness and exclusivity, although that said, thanks to the economic climate, there are some relatively solid deals to be found.

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