Estepona is going places

This charming coastal town some 20 km west of Marbella is looking to maximise its great potential and the fact that it has become more sought after than ever by raising the profile and standard of its services, amenities and the property being developed here.

The growing popularity of Estepona
The entire Costa del Sol, and in particular the greater Marbella area to which Estepona effectively belongs, has been revelling in a great deal of popularity during the past few years. This applies to both growing numbers of tourist visits and steadily increasing property sales, especially of modern new developments. However, the limited availability of land in Marbella and the planning issues currently faced there have driven much of this new development west into the municipal boundaries of Estepona, which extend close to Guadalmina and San Pedro Alcántara and include such residential areas as El Paraíso, Atalaya, Benamara and the New Golden Mile.

Estepona is going upmarket
The New Golden Mile is an existing indication of how development in the Estepona area has been gradually moving upmarket. A process that has been given added impetus by the fact that it has far greater land resources available and a town hall willing to work with investors, albeit under strict planning guidelines.

Another factor explaining why Estepona is so in vogue right now is the makeover and revitalisation the town has enjoyed under mayor José María García Urbano, which began with beautifying the historic centre and has since expanded outwards to include other public and residential parts of the town. As a result, Estepona is going places, and more and more foreign homebuyers are keen to buy a property here. What’s more, the trend is not just towards contemporary architecture, it’s also increasingly upmarket, and this is something the Estepona town hall is eager to encourage further.

Just as the coastal town is keen to promote its identity through beloved local icons such as the beach, the Los Reales mountain and the town centre church, so it is also working with developers to ensure that the new Estepona apartments and villas being built in and around the town are ever better, and attract a more discerning and affluent buying public. Already, the area on the western coastal stretch near the Estepona marina is home to a growing number of luxurious developments such as the beach apartments at Doncella Beach, the Les Rivages frontline beach penthouses and the villas of Sunset Bay Village.

On the shoreline just east of the town you will find the beachfront apartments of Alcazaba Beach, Bahia de la Plata and Los Granados del Mar, while Cabo Bermejo, Torre Bermeja and Costalita del Mar also offer luxury close to the sea. Together with Marbella and Benahavís, Estepona already forms part of what is called a ‘Golden Triangle’, but with this clear drive to improve the amenities and the quality of the properties available for sale in Estepona this status will continue to grow – and with it the upward evolution of restaurants, cafés, shops, beach clubs, spas and other services that is already visible today.

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