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A modern take on a time gone by

Seville, the heart of ‘duende’, defined as passion, soul and authenticity, last year became the Lonely Planet’s number one City to Visit in 2018. The Flamenco tradition that traces its origin, or at the very least its popularity, to Seville is alive and well here, but the city itself has become so much more than just a historic relic in recent years...

Posted on Costa del Sol Property News on 19-02-2018

Modern properties on the New Golden Mile

The New Golden Mile stretches from Atalaya to Estepona and it is one of the coast’s more popular residential areas. It benefits from not being over-developed and providing access to great beaches as well as the countryside, and there are some great walking and horseback riding trails in the vicinity...

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The gentle allure of Sotogrande

Also born as a luxury residential resort destination in the late 1950s, Sotogrande is sometimes seen as the ‘other Marbella’, its gentler pace of life often regarded as an alternative to the livelier glamour of Marbella. Though Sotogrande is situated no more than half an hour west of Marbella and Puerto Banús it has an atmosphere and charm all of its own, offering a prime selection of luxury homes ranged around the Sotogrande marina and some of the finest golf courses in Europe...

Posted on Areas,Costa del Sol Property News,Guide to living on the Costa del Sol on 22-11-2017

Alcazaba Beach, beachfront Luxury in Estepona

Probably Estepona’s best known urbanisation and definitely one of its best loved, Alcazaba Beach is ideally situated on the seafront just to the east of the town centre. Walking distance to shops, restaurants and supermarkets (to name just a few of the amenities with easy reach), Alcazaba Beach appeals to residents and holidaymakers alike...

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Beach Club Estepona

Estepona beach clubs, Part 3

In the first two parts of this article we covered the coastal area east of Estepona town, extending along its municipal area up to Guadalmina, at the municipal boundaries with Marbella. This third article focuses on the beaches and beach clubs of Estepona proper...

Posted on Guide to living on the Costa del Sol on 20-09-2017