Three reasons to sell your home in Estepona

As the luxury real estate market in Marbella has become marked by scarcity of available building land, buyers are beginning to look elsewhere on the Costa del Sol. This move comes just as Estepona has managed to adapt to the demands and preferences of new luxury homebuyers by offering high quality properties.

Unlike the unchecked growth that the area experienced in the years of the real estate boom some 10-15 years ago, today’s development in Estepona and the New Golden Mile follows a gentler pace that respects the environment without overbuilding or unsightly high-rise properties.

Moreover, it caters to the quality of construction sought by international buyers, who can enjoy all the services, amenities and ambience of Marbella’s Golden Mile (golf clubs, restaurants, sports activities etc.) but in an environment that is close to nature.

Why now is a great time to sell your Estepona property

A few years ago Estepona was barely known among non-Spanish buyers, yet in recent years the area has been discovered by the international real estate market and is now a favourite destination for buying homes on the Costa del Sol, giving rise to a new title: the New Golden Mile.

Three reasons why the demand for property in Estepona has grown

1) The setting
Unlike other residential areas, Estepona homeowners are only a few kilometres from the centre of Marbella, so if you are looking for a vibrant environment you have easy access to this mecca of luxury on the Mediterranean coast. If, however, you prefer to spend a quiet day, Estepona is emerging as an idyllic setting in which to enjoy a well-deserved vacation or retirement.

Buyers in search of this, value Estepona’s privileged location and, above all, the large number of homes for sale that are beachside.

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2) Luxury in a peaceful environment
Faced with the vitality and effervescence of Marbella and Puerto Banús, Estepona offers a more leisurely environment, but just as alive albeit in a very authentic way.

Along the coastline that joins Estepona to Puerto Banús, you will find some of the best beach clubs in the area but not overcrowded by tourists.

Likewise, the beaches of Estepona and its immediate surroundings are not characterised by mass tourism, so more and more buyers are interested in moving their vacation from Marbella to a place where you are ensured of uninterrupted views towards The Rock and North Africa, in a more natural environment.

3) Amenities, entertainment and a natural environment
Do you imagine waking up everyday with views of the sea and nature? Do you love the facilities of Puerto Banús but without its busy pace of life? These are some of the most common reasons among homeowners in Estepona; they are interested in buying or renting a villa in an urbanisation with a view to the sea but in a quieter area.

These qualities in a home for sale on the Costa del Sol are highly valued by international buyers from Northern Europe, who give importance to environmental issues, and it is often a requirement when choosing a family holiday destination on the Costa del Sol, whether renting or buying a long-stay home.

Estepona offers everything from luxury shops to sports facilities that compete directly with Puerto Banús itself, including the port.

Do you have a property in Estepona? We can help you sell your property in Estepona at the best price in the shortest time.

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